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    Zhengzhou ANNEC Industrial CO., Ltd. was founded at Sep, 2003, and has been a NASDAQ listed corporation since 2011(Stock code: ANNC). ANNEC had become refractory industrial leader provide core service such as refractory production, technology of blast furnace and hot blast stove and EPC contract project in China. Now ANNEC sets up Academician workstations, the Provincial Engineering and Technology Center, Hot Blast Stove Research Centre, ANNEC (Beijing) Engineering Technology Co., Ltd and four production sites as subsidiaries. Yearly refractory output is 150 kt.

    ANNEC is a national hi-tech company, and is accredited with ISO9001:2008 quality control system standards, ISO12001:2004 environmental control system standards, and GB/T28001-2011 HAZOPS. ANNEC has set up a thorough and effective management system with practical considerations for her employees and community, and is persistent in promoting employee self-value and product products. Based on the efforts, ANNEC is the recipient of the prestigious 2012 Zhengzhou Mayor Quality Prize.

ANNEC has capability of manufacturing refractories materials of fireclay, high alumina, silica and insulating bricks and corresponding unshaped refractories for hot blast stove. Meanwhile, ANNEC also produce various refractories for coking, sintering, casting house, torpedoes, iron ladles and steel ladles. ANNEC’s products have been sold to America, Japan, Korea, India, Iran, Vietnam, Turkey, Malaysia and Indonesia; get the customer's endorsement in the domestic and world. At the same time, ANNEC’s testing center shoulder examinations of products quality and tests of new product development.

    ANNEC has been providing matched refractories of different type HBS for CERI, CISDI, WISDRI, CSGI and Kalugin,P•W,Danieli and SIEMENS VAI in their worldwide projects. ANNEC is awarded as excellent supplier by Baosteel, CSGI, and MCC etc.

ANNEC owns more than 50 patent technologies which include checker bricks with19 holes; 37 holes, 61 holes, ceramic burner of swirl-cutting top combustion hot blast stove, cone-column composited ceramic burner for top combustion hot blast stove, symmetric layout structure of hot blast stove, three section hot blast stove with independent structural. ANNEC was authorized to fulfill editing 7 standards of national and of industrial, including 《Silica Brick》, 《High Alumina Brick》, 《Refractory Brick for HBS Ceramic Burner》,《Refractory Standard Configuration of HBS System 》 and 《Energy Saving Technical Specification of Top Combustion HBS》.

    ANNEC successively get awards such as “Chinese Outstanding S&T Innovation Enterprise”、“AAA grade Credit Enterprise”“Chinese Famous Brand Trademark China” “Provincial Famous-brand Product, Henan”“Provincial Credit Enterprise, Henan” “Zhengzhou Environmental Enterprise”

    ANNEC owns core culture which is to make customer satisfaction, staff satisfaction and shareholder satisfaction; and continuously push forward technological development of HBS and progress of refractory technology by its great efforts, and gradually becomes one of the best professional suppliers in high temperature industry of global


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September, 2003                  Annec Establishing


February, 2004                    Establish Annec (Fuliang) company, mainly manufacture high alumina product, fireclay product.


February, 2004                    Established expert team headed by eminent metallurgy expert Mr Wu Qichang and Doctoral Supervisor SunGengchen


August, 2006                       Establish Annec (Fuhua) company, mainly manufacture silica production


August, 2006                      Build-up the longest 313 m tunnel kiln in Asia


May, 2007                          Achieve patented honeycomb checker brick of 19 holes, 31 holes, 37 holes, 61 holes


January, 2008                    Establish Beijing Annec Engineering Technology Co., Ltd


June, 2008                        Be authorized as the Provincial Technology center


April, 2009                         Establish Annec (Fugang) company; mainly manufacture Al-SIC brick, Mg-C brick and unshaped product for steel-making.


November, 2009                Take natural gas as fuel and realize environmental production


April, 2010                       Put the hot state and cold state simulation lab of top combustion HBS research into use


February, 2011                  List in NASDAQ successfully


March, 2011                      Provincial secretary Guogengmao comes Annec and do job inspection


September, 2011               Company share exchange in America


September, 2011               The project of research and application of HBS put into operation officially


November, 2011                 Win the prize of MCC S&T award , second prize of MCC S&T award, BEIJING S&T award


November, 2012                Publish edited national standard《high alumina brick(GB/T 2988-2012)》 replace (GB/T 2988-2004)


November, 2012               Publish edited national standard《silica brick(GB/T2608-2012)》replace (GB/T2608-2001)


November, 2012               As the pioneer to edit standard of refractory brick used for HBS ceramic burner, and get approval of refractory standard committee


December, 2012              Establish Henan postdoctoral research and development base


February, 2013                 Win the Award of Zhengzhou Mayor


April, 2013                        Contract the first EPC project in Turkey


August, 2013                    Research and application of refractory brick with high refractoriness under load, high temperature resistance used for ceramic burner of HBS win the second prize of Henan S&T achievements


November, 2013                 Establish academician workstation focus on superior quality refractory used for hot blast stove and ceramic burner


December, 2013                 Andalusite-high alumina brick win the award of famous-brand product


December, 2013                 Research and application of ultra-large top combustion HBS is identified as international-level quality


December, 2013                 Publish the edited national standard 《Technical specification of top combustion HBS of BF on energy saving(GB/T30163-2013)》


January, 2014                    Obtain the patent “complex arch structure of top combustion HBS”


May, 2014                         Obtain the patent” carbon-titanium combined brick for hearth and bottom of BF


July, 2014                          The cone-column composited top combustion HBS (Type Anne) with independent intellectual property right be put into use in Changzhou Eastern Special Steel Co., Ltd


September, 2014                Win the award ”Henan excellent enterprise”


December, 2014                 The item ”Research and application of ultra-large top combustion HBS” win the first prize of Henan science and technology progress


December, 2014                Establish the refractory research center for external refining in Henan province


June, 2015                        The item “key technology research and application of ultra-large BF on high hot blast temperature “ get the award of metallurgical S&T


September 2015                Establish technology R&D center of top combustion HBS


April, 2016                         Inauguration of Academician Workstation of “Refractory material for Iron-making in Zhengzhou".


June, 2016                        Successful Installation of the cone-column composited top combustion HBS (Type Anne) of 5# Blast Furnace 2800m3. for Echeng Iron & Steel. This is Laid a Solid Foundation to Push Forward the Application of ANNEC Top Combustion Hot Blast Stove in the Area of Large-Scale Blast Furnace.


June, 2016-6                    《Technical Specification of Refractory for Top Combustion Hot Blast Stove》and《Andalusite Brick for Hot Blast Stove》, Two Industrial Standard Successfully Passed the Review by National Refractory Standards Committee.


December, 2016                 Provincial Governor Mr. Chen RunEr Come to Visit ANNEC


January, 2017                    India Rashmi group places a purchasing order to ANNEC, takes ANNEC patented technology of top combustion hot blast stove as well as supply of all refractories. It predicts that top combustion hot blast stove (Type-ANNEC) get approval by international customer directly, which laid a powerful guarantee to expand global markets.


March, 2017                       ANNEC gets EPC contract from Hesteel Serbia Iron& Steel d.d, which takes the cone-column composited top combustion HBS (Type Anne) it predicts that ANNEC hot blast stove enter into European market successfully as well as break technical long-term monopoly.


July, 2017                           Development and application of high efficiency, energy saving and longevity of large scale HBS (Type Annec) of BF and key refractories was successfully evaluated and selected into “ Knowledge and wisdom coverage in Zhengzhou·1125 Gathering Talents Plan”


October, 2017                     Annec signed integrated refractories supply contract with Hoa Phat Steel on new installation of 12 HBSs for 4×1350m³ BF. Which indicates Annec keeps pace with national “One Belt, One Road” strategy and creats new chapters


April-June, 2018                  Responding to environmental protection and energy saving, intelligent effective, upgrading and alteration of 2# and 4# tunnel kilns completed smoothly, which is conducive to energy saving and emission reduction, promotion of product quality, reduction of producing cost and labor intensity


July, 2018                            Annec reaches cooperative intention with Danieli Corus focus on Promoting technology of the 4th generation top combustion HBS (Type Annec). which marks Annec’s top combustion HBS technology has been recognized by international counterparts


November, 2018-11             Annec carries out thorough and comprehensive technical exchange with Danieli Corus, achieves a strong alliance and fully promotes cone-column composited top combustion HBS (Type Anne) in the India and Russian market


May, 2019                           Wang Xinwei, the Vice-secretary of CPC, Mayor of Zhengzhou, Visited and Surveyed in Annec


July, 2019                            Xu Liyi, the Secretary of CPC Zhengzhou, Member of the Standing Committee of Henan Province, Visited and Surveyed in Annec


Octomber, 2019                   The Patent of Cone-Column Composited Top Combustion HBS (Type Annec) was Granted from Japan


November,2019                    The Patent of Cone-Column Composited Top Combustion HBS (Type Annec) was Granted from Russia

Zhengzhou Annec Industrial Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou Annec Industrial Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou Annec Industrial Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou Annec Industrial Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou Annec Industrial Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou Annec Industrial Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou Annec Industrial Co., Ltd.
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Eastern Europe

Southeast Asia

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Brands : Annec

No. of Employees : 700~730

Annual Sales : 100,000,000-120,000,000

Year Established : 2003

Export p.c : 10% - 20%


Our Products Have Passed Many Certificates.

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