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company news about Annec was awarded the "Outstanding Transformation and Innovation Enterprise in Zhengzhou" and "Best Employer in Zhengzhou" again

China Zhengzhou Annec Industrial Co., Ltd. certification
China Zhengzhou Annec Industrial Co., Ltd. certification
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Company News
Annec was awarded the "Outstanding Transformation and Innovation Enterprise in Zhengzhou" and "Best Employer in Zhengzhou" again
Latest company news about Annec was awarded the "Outstanding Transformation and Innovation Enterprise in Zhengzhou" and "Best Employer in Zhengzhou" again

On May 19, 2021, the "Zhengzhou branch meeting site of 2021 national entrepreneur activity day" was held in the lecture hall of the conference center of the Yellow River Hotel in Henan Province. The conference commended the selected outstanding enterprises, outstanding entrepreneurs and best employers in transformation and innovation. Zhengzhou Annec Industrial Co., Ltd. won two awards of "outstanding enterprise of transformation and innovation in Zhengzhou" and "best employer in Zhengzhou". Zhengzhou transformation and innovation outstanding enterprises, which is jointly selected by Zhengzhou Enterprise Federation, Zhengzhou entrepreneur association and Zhengzhou Industrial Economic Federation, are aimed at commending outstanding representatives of the business community, explorers and leaders of innovation and development. This activity has comprehensive evaluation towards enterprise transformation and innovation achievements, business performance, safety production, environmental protection and social responsibility. 50 enterprises were selected as outstanding transformation and innovation enterprises in Zhengzhou in 2020, and Annec won this award for the second time.

Since its establishment, with the mission of "continuously promoting the scientific and technological development of blast furnace, hot blast stove and refractory technology progress", Annec has made continuous technological innovation in the field of top combustion hot blast stove, and has won a number of provincial and ministerial science and technology prizes. The company has more than 100 patents and completely independent intellectual property rights. Focusing on the hot issues such as low blast temperature, low thermal efficiency, high gas consumption, high NOx emission value, burner nozzle dislocation, hot blast outlet collapse, checker brick sinking, pipe deformation and brick falling, which resulted in short service life of hot blast stove. Through systematic research and development, Annec has completely solved the problems of frequent blowing down of blast furnace and high cost of iron front caused by the above problems. With the leading advantages of "high blast temperature, long service life, low energy consumption, low emission and low investment", Annec has helped the green development of iron and steel industry.

The prize of “best employer enterprise in Zhengzhou” is jointly selected by Zhengzhou Enterprise Federation, Zhengzhou Entrepreneur Association, Zhengzhou Federation of trade unions and Zhengzhou Federation of industry and commerce. It aims to guide enterprises to establish standardized, orderly, fair and reasonable, mutually beneficial and win-win, harmonious and stable labor relations. And it evaluates from aspects of enterprise labor employment, labor relations, social security payment, employees satisfaction, etc. 50 enterprises were selected as the best employers in Zhengzhou in 2020, and Annec won this award for the third time. The core culture of "customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and shareholder satisfaction" has always been practiced by Annec. In recent years, Annec has invested more than 20 million yuan to carry out energy-saving and consumption reduction, intelligent efficiency improvement and environmental protection transformation of desulfurization and denitrification for tunnel kilns of the whole company, which maximally improve the working environment of employees, reduce the labor intensity of employees, reduce air pollution and realize clean production.

In the face of the sudden COVID-19 in 2020, the company first took the lead in undertaking no layoffs, and ensured the continuous improvement of the wages of all staff through optimizing the allocation of internal resources and improving the management level. More than 2 million yuan has been invested in the renovation and upgrading of bathhouses and restaurants of the two production branches. At the same time, Annec plans to invest more than 8 million yuan in the renovation and upgrading of staff quarters of the two branch companies in 2021, so as to meet the growing needs of employees for a better life. The company has been taking an active part in public welfare undertakings, and donates more than one million yuan to 2019 Muli forest fires and COVID-19 in 2020. In 2020, Annec subsidized 31 college students with a subsidy cost of 150000 yuan. Over the years, company has donated more than 1 million yuan to students, reflecting the high sense of mission and social responsibility of Annec. Honor is not only a summary of the past, but also a spur to the future. The staff of Annec will keep their original intention and mission in mind, constantly serve the iron and steel industry with scientific and technological innovation, and help iron and steel enterprises achieve "carbon emission peak and carbon neutralization" with green, low-carbon, environment-friendly efficient technology of blast furnace and hot blast stove. Annec has always made unremitting efforts to continuously promote the development of blast furnace ,hot blast stove and refractory technology, as well as strives to become the first service provider of global high temperature industry.

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